• I have PCOS and my main complaint is alopecia and to a lesser extent acne. I’ve tried every prescription drug / herbal remedy with varying degrees of success. About 6 months ago my symptoms got worse despite being on prescription medication and at that point I decided to stop taking the medication and to try something different. This is when I started going to Maeve for acupuncture / electro-acupuncture. At first I attended weekly sessions then fortnightly sessions and I am now building it up to monthly sessions. Within the first few sessions the hair loss eased off until it finally stopped – something that hasn’t happened in years. I’ve started to notice a little hair regrowth but I am only too aware that this is going to be a very slow process. As anyone who attends Maeve will know, she is is also a lovely person to deal with and is truly committed to the well being of her patients. Shauna, Dublin 14


  • ” I visited Maeve with a sports injury to my neck. I got immediate relief and was back in training very quickly I would definitely recommend the clinic. (John, Dublin 8)


  • Maeve first helped me recover not only physically but also mentally from a miscarriage.
    She helped me be ready for the big adventure and I am now expecting our little baby happily and healthily. I was relaxed and strong (did not catch a cold or anything). Baby is due end of November and I really can say that Maeve was of great support and help and I will keep coming back“. (Coralie, Dublin 2)

* Delighted to announce the first baby born to my Dublin Clinic. After a tough time with a miscarriage I couldn’t be happier for Mum and Dad to welcome their beautiful Irish Princess. Makes it all the more special as they decided to call her Maeve. Congratulations Coralie.


  • “After a tough year I was feeling very stressed, tired and like an unhealthy, worn out version of myself. Following just a short course of acupuncture with Maeve, I am a lot less stressed, sleeping solidly and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. My complexion has even improved which is a great bonus!” (Mary, Dublin)


  • “Maeve has been treating me with acupuncture to try to balance my hormones since the doctor confirmed I am peri-menopausal. I quickly noticed an improvement in my moods, which have stayed much more balanced and I no longer feel tearful for no apparent reason. The treatment has also helped to regulate my cycle back to a normal timeline. Not only is her treatment effective, Maeve is also a lovely and gentle person to deal with, who can quickly grasp what I’m feeling and then administer the most appropriate treatment for me. I won’t be asking anyone else to ‘needle’ me now that I’ve found Maeve!” (Bella, Dublin)


  • “I received a number of acupuncture sessions from Maeve and I found the treatment highly beneficial. It helped me through a period of poor sleeping and stress, and in particular it improved the physical symptoms, such as built up tension in the chest and shoulders. The results were impressive, with a quick return to normal sleep patterns, reduced stress and an enhanced sense of general well-being. It was my first time having acupuncture, and I found it a very rewarding, relaxing and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it, and in particular Maeve’s clinic, to others.” (Joe, Rathmines)


  • I’ve been attending Maeve’s clinic for over six months to help manage arthritic pain. Having never received acupuncture before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Maeve’s warm, professional manner quickly put me at ease. I find acupuncture great at relieving pain but also excellent for dealing with stress. Since beginning treatment I’ve been more relaxed, my sleep has improved and I’ve been feeling better overall. I’d recommend acupuncture and Maeve’s clinic to anyone.” (Karl, Navan)